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Have you heard of Buti Yoga?

It’s a style of yoga popping up in studios across the nation… but what makes this style so popular?

This post explores the world of Buti Yoga by discussing some of Buti’s key features and how the birth of Buti is fused with women reestablishing and connecting to their source of self-confidence.

Welcome to Buti Yoga

While still somewhat controversial to say, we live in a culture that teaches us to shame, critique, and over objectify our bodies. We are taught that to be beautiful is to fit within a certain physical mold and if we deviate from this singular form than we must strive to correct it.

As a result our sense of self, our identity, never takes its full form because we are taught to deny those aspects that do not fit the mold. It is within this social dynamic of misplaced and unnecessary body dysmorphia that Buti Yoga has been making waves, especially with women.

The word Buti is an Indian Maharti term meaning the cure to something hidden or secret. Translation… Buti is a form of alchemy, but instead of turning lead into gold, Buti digs deep to unleash a sense of self that is wild, untamed, and unapologetically confident.

Founded in 2010 by Bizze Gold, professional trainer, Buti Yoga blends together traditional vinyasa (linked-poses or flow movement) with primal styles of dance and plyometrics (commonly called jump therapy).

The key to Buti’s alchemical process is its fusion with primal movement (sometimes dubbed tribal or shamanistic). Across the world dance plays an important role in how culture’s celebrate, mourn, heal, and tap into the spiritual, sacred, or ethereal side of life.

Together dancing and yoga can serve as a pathway toward connection. Yoga provides the mind-body foundation and dance animates that which we wish to cultivate.

And here in lies the alchemy of Buti… by surrendering ourselves to movement that is big and powerful we bring to life and connect to our source of empowerment. So simple that we often overlook the efficacy of this technique, of using the body as a vessel for inner cultivation.

If you watch a Buti Yoga class you’ll immediately see that the movement of Buti is vastly different than classical forms of yoga. The reason for this is because Buti emphasizes spiral rather than linear movement. However, the spiral technique is a reflection of a deeper philosophy embedded within Buti Yoga.

There is no ignoring the fact that the history of yoga is highly patriarchal and much of the asana structure was developed without a decent representation of women’s perspective and anatomy. At the root of Buti Yoga is a philosophy that challenges more “traditional” yogic lineages and their asana structures.

Buti’s founder, Bizzie Gold, is a classically trained yoga instructor with a background in Ashtanga and Anusara. Like many other contemporary yogis, Bizzie saw yoga’s guru-system as a philosophy gambit that emphasized hierarchy and exclusion. Namely, people would pay and dedicate themselves to a guru’s teaching, receive some level of enlightenment, but ultimately fall short of achieving guru status. This system largely lacked women and seemed to undermine those people trying to dedicate themselves toward self-realization.

Bizzie also noticed that traditional asana forms were linear and lacked movement that emphasized the body’s natural and highly individual curvature. After a while traditional yoga started to lose its luster. As she puts it, “I found myself spitting out cues of the same poses… My body wanted to move along different planes and connect postures in a more creative way”.

One day Bizzie made the decision to move from her heart and not her head, letting go of traditional asana form, she let herself incorporate her dance background and move her body in a way that felt deeper and more connective. Since this day Bizzie’s fusion style of yoga has blossomed into the Buti we know today.

Buti Confidence

As the name entails, Buti is the cure to unleashing something that so many of us keep buried deep inside… our wild and untamable sense of self. Our pure and uncompromising sense of self expression, adoration, and fierce confidence.

Where else in your life do you practice stepping into a space of pure confidence? Buti is about the individual and letting each person rise to their true leadership without competition, without guru-philosophy, but instead with a clear and supportive path the help people let go, dig deep, and unearth their own form of empowerment.

What originally began as one woman finding her own path to self-confidence and empowerment, has transformed into the Buti philosophy that we are all buti-sattvas. We already have the qualities of inner-knowing, pure creativity, and a sense of bliss. In Buti Yoga we simply let go and allow these qualities space to be expressed.

In Buti Yoga you don't need to reach for enlightenment, you already have it, the goal is to build the confidence to carry your illuminated state of being.


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