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Traditional yoga poses are brought to new life through an aerial yoga hammock. 


AERIAL YOGA helps you build core strength as you learn to defy gravity. The yoga hammock is the perfect tool for increasing length and freedom of movement. If you are looking to add a little extra playfulness into your life check out our Aerial yoga classes! 

Cupping Treatment

BUTI is an Indian Marathi word meaning hidden secret or cure. This style of yoga emphasizes freedom of movement through integrating vinyasa, rhythmic dance, and plyometrics.  

If you are looking for a sweat inducing class that moves you to your core, than Buti yoga is your jam!

Yoga Therapy

POWER FLOW 101 helps students take their practice to the next level. In this class you’ll practice stepping into advance poses such as hand/arm balances, learn to hold poses longer developing muscle strength, and move through more complex sequences to cultivate a deeper sense of balance. 

+ CBD Infusion

FREEBIRD FLOW is designed to be your after work/evening yoga class. You get to enjoy the fluid style of Vinyasa with just the right touch of energy. This class will leave your body feeling open and relaxed. If you’re looking for a juicy vinyasa Freebird Flow is for you!

+ Cupping

RESTORATIVE YOGA is great for beginners and advanced practitioners. This class helps balance the nervous system and kick starts our bodies' natural rejuvenation systems. A practice in stillness, using props to aid the body in holding yoga poses, you will relax through breath, and effortlessly connect your body and mind. Restorative Yoga is especially good for people dealing with stress, anxiety, pain, and/or injury.


YIN is yoga for your Yin body! Our Yin body includes ligaments, joints, bones, fascia, and connective tissues. Strengthening these tissues requires slowing down and holding poses for longer periods of time.  This class is great for those looking to take their practice deeper, REDUCE PAIN, and gain more mobility. Yin Yoga will leave you feeling lighter and brighter.