Traditional yoga poses are brought to new life through an aerial yoga hammock. 


AERIAL Yoga helps you build core strength as you learn to defy gravity. The yoga hammock is the perfect tool for increasing length and freedom of movement. If you are looking to add a little extra playfulness into your life check out our Aerial yoga classes! 


BUTI is an Indian Marathi word meaning hidden secret or cure. This style of yoga emphasizes freedom of movement through integrating vinyasa, rhythmic dance, and plyometrics.  

If you are looking for a sweat inducing class that moves you to your core, than Buti yoga is your jam!


VINYASA is described as a moving meditation. Students practice moving fluidly through linked poses with an emphasis on connecting breath and body. VINYASA is a diverse field and each instructor brings their own flavor to the practice. This class is a great way to develop flexibility, strength, and experience a little cardio.


SCULPT is a fusion-based class that ties together Vinyasa with more Aerobic styles of movement. With SCULPT you should expect to achieve that endorphin high as you build strength, burn calories, and enjoy the amazing playlists that come with our sculpt classes.


DEEP is all about diving into the body! This style of yoga brings awareness to our inner core on a mental and physical level. Deep is low impact and focuses on micro-movements with physical touch to help facilitate our mind-body connection. If you are looking for that perfect balance of strength and restore, Deep has got what you need!


GENTLE Yoga is healing yoga. The power of a gentle yoga practice is in learning to slow down and find ease.

If you are looking for a style of yoga that is approachable with less physical demand, but still offers a deep and relaxing experience then gentle yoga is your ticket!


Restorative Yoga is great for beginners and advanced practitioners. This class helps balance the nervous system and kick starts our bodies' natural rejuvenation systems. A practice in stillness, using props to aid the body in holding yoga poses, you will relax through breath, and effortlessly connect your body and mind. Restorative yoga is especially good for people dealing with stress, anxiety, pain, and/or injury.

YOGA 911

YOGA  911 is a community based class that offers free yoga to emergency responders working in Butte County.  This class is dedicated to providing a style of yoga that supports individuals working in high-stress careers. Classes are led by Danyel Hurd, an Emergency Room RN and founder of YOGA 911.

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